About Us


Whiteland Dental has been providing excellent dental care to the Exton area since early 2000. We have been in our new larger location since 2007. We provide all aspects of general dentistry ranging from simple cleanings to advanced implant full mouth rehabilitation. We treat both adults and children and are also completely able to see handicapped patients as well. We accept most major dental insurances and also offer an in house insurance plan to those that don’t currently have dental insurance. We try offer the most current and up to date technologies and advances on the market in this constantly changing and growing field .

One thing that we try to emphasize here is that we treat the patient not the mouth. Dentistry is so much more then drilling and filling and pulling teeth. There have been so many links between oral health and overall health. Recently conditions like heart disease, diabetes, esophageal cancer and pancreatic cancer are all linked to poor oral health. If you clean up your mouth you may improve your chances of avoiding these horrible conditions. Another problem these days is sleep apnea. Almost every bad condition or illness that can effect someone is increased by lack of sleep or poor sleep habits. Sleep apnea effects millions of people and can basically shorten ones life. A dental appliance can treat certain types of sleep apnea and thus improve and lengthen your life. These are just a few of the things that we try to convey to our patient here at Whiteland dental. People need to get out of the old paradigm of just coming in for a cleaning every 6 months and hoping they don’t have a cavity. Dentistry is about overall health and we want to help you achieve better overall health here at Whiteland Dental.